What can The Helpr do for me?

The Helpr can explain your website* better by adding Bubbles with additional information.
* for simplicity we write website but it could be a webservice or a complex formular etc.

How does it work?

Bubbles added by our bookmarklet (The Helpr) and saved into a Document can be showed to all your users by adding the embed code to your website

This code will embed a The Helpr Logo into your website that is clickable and will show all your created Bubbles drawed in their own layer above everything else.

What is a Document?

A Document contains all your created Bubbles for your website

What is a Bubble?

A Bubble points to an element on your website to show an explanation or additional information.
A Document contains a random number of Bubbles.

How do I create Bubbles?

Follow these steps:

  1. Drag this bookmarklet (The Helpr) to your browsers bookmark bar.
  2. Open your website in your browser.
  3. Click on the previously added bookmarklet, the Bubble editor will load.
  4. Click on "Create new Bubble" and select an element on your website to attach the Bubble.
  5. Save your Bubbles to a Document by clicking on "Save and Show" and login or create an account. Or login directly from the editor.
  6. Then paste the embed code for your previously saved Document directly before the closing </body> tag from your website

Can I format the Bubble?

At the moment you can just set titles. To achive this, add directly in front of the title the "#" character. For example: #This is a title

In the future we will add full markdown support for the text, changing colors and font-size.

How do I save my work?

Don't worry, every time you edit, delete or add a Bubble it does auto-save. Be aware that every change you do, will be published immediately.

Where do I find the embed code?

If you're logged in, go to the Document Overview, then click on any Link in the Column "Name". The next Screen shows all the details to your Document, click on "Show code".

Where should I paste the embed code on my website?

Be sure to paste the embed code directly before the closing </body> tag from your website.

Can I customize The Helpr Logo on my website?

Yes you can. You can change the text of the "Need help?" label or trigger drawing Bubbles with any html element in your website by changing or uncomment the embed code:

// optional configuration

// window.__helpr.anchor = "#your_anchor_id";
// window.__helpr.badge_text = "Help";
// window.__helpr.overlay_zindex = 100;

Why can't I see the "Need help?" label on my website?

The "Need help?" label is on visible on pages of your website where you created Bubbles.

For example: if you only created Bubbles on www.yourwebsite.com/about your user will see them while visiting the about page but not on the other pages like e.g. www.yourwebsite.com/service.

What browsers are supported?

The following browsers and platforms are tested regularly with The Helpr. If you see any problems, please report them.

  • Firefox (current version on Mac, Windows)
  • Chrome (current version on Mac and Windows)
  • Safari 5 (Mac)
  • Internet Explorer 8* and 9
  • Mobile browsers such as iPhone* and iPad*
* editing not supported