Context-sensitive help for any website. How?

Give it a try:


Drag this bookmarklet into the browser bookmark bar.
The Helpr


Go to your website, click the bookmarklet and start editing.


Create a user account and save your online help items.

Why use The Helpr?


For everybody

Very easy to use for everyone. You don't have to install expensive software.


Fast and easy

Your online help will be always up-to-date. Need to quickly change something? Do it in a matter of seconds.


No more manuals

You never have to write expensive and boring manuals again. Go with The Helpr and provide help right where it's needed.



Popscan is an E-Commerce solution for B2B. The Helpr adds additonal information to the function menu.


The Helpr in action. Editing exisiting context-sensitive help annotations aka Bubbles inline!